Characteristics and Categories of Perfumes

Published: 20th April 2010
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Nowadays all the world are using perfume and cologne. Most of the people do not know what types of Characteristics are there in a perfume. Generally people used the fragrances according to the body chemistry. I mean to say you will purchase that fragrance which is suitable to your body and has contained feature that you like the most. You must keep in mind that the important character of a perfume is the 'Strength of a fragrance'. Strength of a fragrance gives true value of a fragrance. This character mainly found in women's fragrances. The woman who like these type of fragrance, they have a small bottle of the strongest concentration of that fragrance stuffed in her purse or car. There are several groups of fragrances which have different types of floral. The different types of aromatic oils and other ingredients are makes the fragrance fresh, woody, and oriental. The less concentrated fragrances or you can say diluted concentrated fragrances are more affordable and less expensive; you can easily get them from any departmental store.

The main characteristics of a perfume are its notes. In the Fragrance, there are mainly three notes that come together in accords to form the aromatic framework of the blend. These are named as Top note, Middle note, and Base note. Top note is called the first phase of a fragrance, it forms initial impression. Top note is that note which smell first when you apply the fragrance on your body. This is because it contains volatile materials which are evaporating fast. The examples of the top note are spicy and citrus note. Secondly comes middle note which is called intermediate phase of a fragrance and it contains the materials less volatile than Top note. This note is also called heart of perfume. The final part of a fragrance is base note which is most long lasting component of the fragrances. It contains fixative ingredients in the fragrance, many resins and wood scents, and amber bases are used for fixative purposes. It appears after the evaporation of the base note and conceals itself through the middle note.

These are the combinations of aromatic notes that form the basic structure in perfumes. Besides the characteristics, it also categorized in to the different fragrance families. The main two fragrance families are women's perfume family and men's cologne family. In the women's fragrance family included Citrus, Citrus Lifestyle, Green Fragrance, Green Lifestyle, Floral, Chypre, and Oriental Fragrance etc. In the men's cologne family included Aromatic Cologne Fragrances, Aromatic Lifestyle Cologne, Fougere Cologne Fragrance, Citrus Cologne, Chypre Cologne Fragrance, Lavender Cologne, Oriental Lifestyle Cologne, and Woody Cologne etc. Now according to the Characteristics and Categories of fragrances, you can choose what kind of aroma your body needs. Some fragrance groups or smells can be determined by the names on them. If you see a name like Flowering Showers, then you know it is of the floral aroma family. By doing this you can easily show your appearance and leave your best impression on the other person.

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