Coty Perfume and Cologne

Published: 22nd March 2010
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Coty is the largest fragrance company in the world. Along with fragrances it is also manufacturer of many of the beauty products color cosmetics toiletries and skin care. The company mainly gets the revenue approx 65% from the business of fragrances. The Coty house was founded by Corsican Fran├žois Spoturno who born in 1875 on the island of Corsica. In 1900, he left the school and moved towards Paris where he started to work as a salesman. He took training about the perfume and fragrances in the Grasse which was called the birth place of perfume.

After completion of his training he started his own work by established a makeshift laboratory in his flat. For this purpose he borrowed 10,000 francs from his grandmother. He named his house "Coty" after his mother's family name that was "Coti". In 1904 he created his first Coty Perfume called La Rose Jacqueminot. By 1908 he became a successful designer and he started to introduce face powder also. After 2 years later that is 1910 he founded a New York branch with stained glass window. Due to the enlargement company, some of the companies merge in to it. Company revenue was jumped over the extreme height. Net income of company rose from $1.07 million in 1923 to $4.05 million in 1928. In that year, Coty had earnings of $1.64 million. Coty the great designer died in 1934 but before it he made Coty, Inc publicly traded company till 1925. After the death of Coty his divorced wife took the charge of the company.

The company introduced many of the fragrances through out till date for men and women. As we discussed its first perfume la Rose Jacque Minot was launched in 1904. After that company introduced great floral to the world one by one. In 1965 Coty introduced Imprevu, which became the leading Coty fragrance by the end of 1968. In 1967 company also offered a large collection of newly designed make up products at popular price. In 1969 the company introduced the Bacchus line, a full collection of men's grooming aids, including aftershave lotion and cologne. In 1981, company introduced Stetson, which was a highly successful fragrance at that time. The lady Stetson was added in to the fragrance line in 1986.

Coty house designed so many women perfume where Amalitsa Women by Coty, April Fields Women by Coty, Muguet Des Bois Women by Coty, Celebrate Women by Coty, Celine Dion Notes Women by Coty, Ghost Myst Women by Coty, and Wild Musk Women by Coty are the some example of them. In the fragrance line for men, house also designed many perfumes some out of them are Stetson Men by Coty, Stetson Country Men by Coty, Raw Vanilla Men by Coty, Iron Men by Coty, Aspen Men by Coty, and Adidas Ice Dive Men by Coty etc. He is best designer in the world yet according to the survey report which is developed by the people. He is famous for his own brand name perfume where Coty perfume and cologne are world famous. There are major fragrance categories Chypre, Green Marine, Floral, Oriental, Floriental, and Fruit. Designer Coty was designed all types of wears perfumes, cologne, fragrances such occasion, evening, night, romantic, office, casual, daytime, daily, and etc wear.

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