Grandparents Day- A special day to Honor

Published: 10th September 2010
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Grandparents Day is the special day for everyone. This day has been holiday since 1978 by the effort of President Jimmy Carter and celebrated on first Sunday after the Labor Day. In this year that day will fall on 12th of September. On that day people show their love and respect towards their parents and grandparents. We know the value of grandparents in our life. They are the one who teach us about the world what the things are good or bad for us and they also help us to raise and shape us man and women we will become. We can say they are the first teacher of us. They are the true hero of us. For that kind of humanity of them we should have to respect them. That is the reason one day is selected for Grandparents as like as mother day, father day. It was the year 1978 when President Jimmy Carter announced to the world that Grandparents Day would be recognized every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. The purpose of the national observance is meant to honor grandparents and give them a special day to show their love for their efforts. Since 1978 we are celebrating that day.

On that day many of the social activities are occurred in the city or town. Many of the organization celebrate that day by organizing some events. In which senior citizens are honored by the organization. Out of all the best grandparents is also selected by the committee of organization and then they are honored "Best Grandparents of the year". In the schools many activities are arranged and all the grandparents of the students are invited in the function. The children are participating in the activity and show their love and respect to their grandparents by singing, dancing. The kids are also creating some greeting card and give them to their grandparents. Some of the people on that day give special gifts to their parents. They are also planned for the picnic with their grandparents. Everyone wants to spend whole day with them. Some people who are not go out side they makes that day memorable at home by making their favorite delicious food and enjoy the meal with their grandparents. The person whose grandparents are not staying near them, they send their gifts with greeting card and show their love. The grandparents of those have passed; they visit an elderly home or nursing home and spend some time with other elderly members present there. This gives a feeling of contentment to the elderly folks and makes them feel cared for.

For that special day many of the stores are offered sale on the gift items. People can choose one of the best and appropriate gifts for their parents. You should keep in mind when you go for shop a gift, that gift should be make your parents happy and also should be make that day memorable. Many of the people give perfume as a gift on that day. There are so many discount perfume stores which have lot of varieties and also offers huge discount on purchasing of any of the fragrance with special gift which is surely going to bring smiles on their face. Along with that gift when you will say to your grandparents that you are important to me, I love you, and I am honored to have you in my life, this will make that more memorable. So, celebrate that special with cheer. Happy Grandparents Day to all of you.

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